The Twilight Zone (1959)


Rod Serling's seminal anthology series focused on ordinary folks who suddenly found themselves in extraordinary, usually supernatural, situations. The stories would typically end with an ironic twist that would see the guilty punished.
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S5E36 - The Bewitchin' Pool

Two unhappy children find a happy escape in a swimming pool.

S5E35 - The Fear

Two people in a remote cabin find signs of an extraterrestrial.

S5E34 - Come Wander With Me

A singer searches for an authentic folk song.

S5E33 - The Brain Center ..

A factory CEO replaces human workers with machines.

S5E32 - Mr. Garrity and t..

Jared Garrity arrives in the Old West town of Happiness, Arizona, pr..

S5E31 - The Encounter

A World War II veteran and a Japanese-American gardener battle each ..

S5E30 - Stopover in a Qui..

Bob and Millie wake up to find they are in a strange town. Everythin..

S5E29 - The Jeopardy Room

Trying to defect, Major Ivan Kuchenko is trapped inside a hotel room..

S5E28 - Caesar and Me

A ventriloquist's dummy goads him into committing burglaries.

S5E27 - Sounds and Silences

A man's wish to listen to loud noise backfires.

S5E26 - I Am the Nightâ..

On the day an unpopular idealist is to be executed for the killing o..

S5E25 - The Masks

A dying man demands his family wear masks that he's given them at a ..

S5E24 - What's in the Box

A cheating husband sees his secret revealed and its horrible consequ..

S5E23 - Queen of the Nile

Columnist Jordan Herrick is startled to learn that a famous movie ac..

S5E22 - An Occurrence at ..

A Confederate spy is spared death when the rope meant to hang him mi..

S5E21 - Spur of the Moment

After being chased on horseback by a terrifying, unidentified figure..

S5E20 - From Agnesâ€..

A computer technician must deal with the queen of all femme fatales:..

S5E19 - Night Call

Mysterious phone calls haunt a disabled woman.

S5E18 - Black Leather Jac..

Three tough-looking men on motorcycles disrupt a peaceful suburb whe..

S5E17 - Number 12 Looks J..

In a future where everyone must undergo an operation at the age of 1..

S5E16 - The Self-Improvem..

A man finds that he can trade anything he has, including youth and p..

S5E15 - The Long Morrow

Before leaving on his mission, an astronaut meets a woman. They fall..

S5E14 - You Drive

Driving home one rainy evening, Oliver Pope accidentally hits a boy ..

S5E13 - Ring-a-Ding Girl

Bunny receives a ring from her fan club in her home town. In the rin..

S5E12 - Ninety Years With..

An old man fears that he will die if his grandfather clock stops run..

S5E11 - A Short Drink Fro..

Trying to keep up with his younger wife, Harmon convinces his brothe..

S5E10 - The 7th Is Made U..

Three National Guardsmen explore the site of Custer's Last Stand.

S5E9 - Probe 7Over and Out

The lone survivors of two annihilated worlds are stranded on a dista..

S5E8 - Uncle Simon

tries to strike Barbara with his cane. She grabs it and he falls dow..

S5E7 - The Old Man in the..

A mysterious guardian helps a tiny community survive after the Bomb ..

S5E6 - Living Doll

Erich is displeased when his wife buys an expensive doll for his ste..

S5E5 - The Last Night of ..

A dejected jockey wants to be tall

S5E4 - A Kind of a Stopwa..

Patrick Thomas McNulty, a long-winded and self-absorbed know-it-all,..

S5E3 - Nightmare at 20,00..

Mr. Wilson believes he sees a gremlin on the wing of his commercial ..

S5E2 - Steel

Boxing robot "Battling Maxo" breaks down before the scheduled bout, ..

S5E1 - In Praise of Pip

An alcoholic bookie regrets that he wasn't a better father to his so..

S4E18 - The Bard

An untalented would-be writer's career takes off when the ghost of W..

S4E17 - Passage on the La..

nstead of the cruise bringing them closer together, the Ransomes agr..

S4E16 - On Thursday We Le..

A man named Benteen leads a colony of Americans stranded on a desert..

S4E15 - The Incredible Wo..

Toy designer Horace Ford spends most of his time reminiscing about h..

S4E14 - Of Late I Think o..

A bored, wealthy businessman gets a chance to go back in time and st..

S4E13 - The New Exhibit

The curator of a murderers' row in a soon-to-be-defunct wax museum p..

S4E12 - I Dream of Genie

A man considers several possibilities when offered one wish by a gen..

S4E11 - The Parallel

An astronaut arrives back on Earth, then notices several differences.

S4E10 - No Time Like the ..

A man travels back in time to try to prevent some of history's catas..

S4E9 - Printer's Devil

Douglas Winter's paper, The Courier, is in financial trouble. Mr. Sm..

S4E8 - Miniature

A lonely man falls in love with a mini museum doll, which he believe..

S4E7 - Jess-Belle

enlists the aid of a local witch who casts a spell that makes Billy-..

S4E6 - Death Ship

A three-man spacecraft lands on a planet only to discover the wrecka..

S4E5 - Mute

A 12-year-old girl who lost her parents in a fire doesn't speak beca..

S4E4 - He's Alive

Peter Vollmer, a small-time neo-Nazi leader, yearns for more power. ..

S4E3 - Valley of the Shadow

A reporter finds himself trapped in a small town where people can re..

S4E2 - The Thirty-Fathom ..

A US naval destroyer investigates a mysterious tapping sound coming ..

S4E1 - In His Image

A scientist creates an android that has the qualities which he feels..

S3E37 - The Changing of t..

An elderly private school teacher wonders if his life has meant anyt..

S3E36 - Cavender Is Coming

Cavender, an angel trying to win his wings, tries to help down-on-he..

S3E35 - I Sing the Body E..

A widower buys a robot grandmother for his three children

S3E34 - Young Man's Fancy

When a newlywed couple briefly return to the groom's childhood home,..

S3E33 - The Dummy

A ventriloquist is convinced that his dummy, Willie, is alive and ev..

S3E32 - The Gift

An alien who crash-lands into a remote mountain village stirs up the..

S3E31 - The Trade-Ins

An elderly couple visit the New Life Corporation, hoping to transpor..

S3E30 - Hocus-Pocus and F..

A loud-mouthed braggart's boasts attract the attention of some aliens.

S3E29 - Four O'Clock

Oliver Crangle is a bitter, prejudiced man. Through unknown means he..

S3E28 - The Little People

An astronaut declares himself a god when his ship lands on a planet ..

S3E27 - Person or Persons..

David Gurney wakes up to find that no one - his wife, his co-workers..

S3E26 - Little Girl Lost

A six-year-old girl rolls under her bed and vanishes into a fourth d..

S3E25 - The Fugitive

Old Ben, who is able to transform himself into anything, tries to he..

S3E24 - To Serve Man

The Kanamits, 9 foot tall aliens, arrive on Earth with one lofty goa..

S3E23 - The Last Rites of..

Jeff Myrtlebank comes back to life at his own funeral and soon begin..

S3E22 - A Piano in the Ho..

Fortune discovers that a piano he bought his wife for her birthday h..

S3E21 - Kick the Can

The senior residents of Sunnyvale decide that the secret to youth is..

S3E20 - Showdown with Ran..

Rance McGrew is the star of a western TV series. While his character..

S3E19 - The Hunt

On a hunting trip, Hyder Simpson and his dog Rip dive into a lake af..

S3E18 - Dead Man's Shoes

A vagrant steps into a murdered gangster's expensive shoes and is ta..

S3E17 - One More Pallbearer

Paul Radin has invited three people to join him in his bomb shelter

S3E16 - Nothing in the Dark

A lonely old woman refuses to leave her apartment for fear of meetin..

S3E15 - A Quality of Mercy

A gung ho young soldier gets a new viewpoint on war when he inexplic..

S3E14 - Five Characters i..

A hobo, clown, bagpipe player, ballerina and military officer are tr..

S3E13 - Once Upon a Time

Woodrow, a janitor living in the year 1890, accidentally activates a..

S3E12 - The Jungle

Alan Richards plans to build a dam in Africa on a tribe's ancestral ..

S3E11 - Still Valley

Confederacy scout Sgt. Joseph Paradine finds a town town full of Uni..

S3E10 - The Midnight Sun

The Earth's orbit has been changed, drawing ever closer to the sun a..

S3E9 - Deaths-Head Revisi..

A former Nazi SS Captain returns to the ruins of a concentration cam..

S3E8 - It's a Good Life

Little Anthony Fremont controls an entire town with his ability to r..

S3E7 - The Grave

Before he died, notorious gunslinger Pinto Sykes put a curse on hire..

S3E6 - The Mirror

After a poor but ambitious Central American farm worker overthrows h..

S3E5 - A Game of Pool

Championship pool player Fats Brown returns from the grave for one l..

S3E4 - The Passersby

On the road home from the Civil War, a Confederate soldier stops at ..

S3E3 - The Shelter

When a nuclear attack appears imminent, several suburban friends and..

S3E2 - The Arrival

A plane lands safely, but all its passengers, pilot and crew are mis..

S3E1 - Two

A man and a woman, on opposite sides of a future war, encounter each..

S2E29 - The Obsolete Man

In a future state where religion and books have been banned, a libra..

S2E28 - Will the Real Mar..

Troopers follow the tracks from a frozen pond, into a diner. Inside ..

S2E27 - The Mind and the ..

A book on the power of thought enables an irritable man to re-create..

S2E26 - Shadow Play

Trapped in a recurring nightmare, a man tries to persuade those who ..

S2E25 - The Silence

A talkative man takes an offer to keep silent for a year for $500,000.

S2E24 - Rip Van Winkle Ca..

Thieves put themselves into suspended animation for 100 years after ..

S2E23 - 100 Yards Over th..

In 1847 a western settler sets out to find medicine for his dying so..

S2E22 - Long Distance Call

A young boy find he can communicate with his dead grandmother throug..

S2E21 - The Prime Mover

Ace Larsen discovers his business partner has the ability to control..

S2E20 - Static

Ed Lindsay hates television, so he gets his old radio out of the bas..

S2E19 - Mr. Dinglethe Str..

Martians give Luther Dingle the strength of 300 men.

S2E18 - The Odyssey of Fl..

A commercial aircraft mysteriously travels back through time.

S2E17 - Twenty-two

Miss Powell has a recurring nightmare about room 22 – a morgue.

S2E16 - A Penny for Your ..

The lucky flip of a coin seems to give a mild-mannered bank clerk th..

S2E15 - The Invaders

An old woman in an isolated farmhouse encounters tiny, hostile aliens.

S2E14 - The Whole Truth

A automobile compels a used car dealer to tell only the truth.

S2E13 - Back There

It's April 14, 1961. Peter Corrigan and friends are discussing time ..

S2E12 - Dust

After selling the rope for a hanging, a greedy peddler, tries to sel..

S2E11 - The Night of the ..

A down-on-his-luck department store Santa Claus discovers the Christ..

S2E10 - A Most Unusual Ca..

Chester Diedrich and his wife Paula, after burglarizing a curio shop..

S2E9 - Trouble with Templ..

Booth Templeton is an aging actor who longs for the old days when hi..

S2E8 - The Lateness Of Th..

Dr. Loren enjoys the faultless robot servants he has invented. His d..

S2E7 - Nick Of Time

A superstitious newlywed becomes obsessed by a penny fortune-telling..

S2E6 - The Eye of the Beh..

A young woman is forced to undergo experimental treatments in an att..

S2E5 - The Howling Man

A man on a walking trip of post-World War I Europe gets caught in a ..

S2E4 - A Thing About Mach..

A writer feels that the machines in his house are conspiring against..

S2E3 - Man in a Four Doll..

Ordered to commit a murder he doesn't want to perform, a smalltime h..

S2E2 - The Man in the Bot..

A discontented curio shop owner thinks he's finally found happiness ..

S2E1 - King Nine Will Not..

A WWII captain finds himself in the desert, next to his crashed plan..

S1E36 - A World of His Own

A playwright makes characters come to life.

S1E35 - The Mighty Casey

Dr. Stillman arranges to have his human-looking robot signed up as t..

S1E34 - The After Hours

A woman discovers that the floor of a department store, on which she..

S1E33 - Mr. Bevis

An eccentric loser gets a new life from his guardian angel, but ther..

S1E32 - A Passage for Tru..

A trumpet player who's convinced he'll never amount to anything atte..

S1E31 - The Chaser

A man, desperate to win the affection of a beautiful woman, slips he..

S1E30 - A Stop At Willoug..

Riding home on the train one day, a man falls asleep and dreams it i..

S1E29 - Nightmare As A Ch..

Schoolteacher Helen Foley finds a strange and very serious little gi..

S1E28 - A Nice Place To V..

After being shot to death, Rocky Valentine encounters the amiable wh..

S1E27 - The Big Tall Wish

An over-the-hill boxer gets a boost from one of his biggest fans - a..

S1E26 - Execution

Just before being hanged for shooting a man in the back, a man in 18..

S1E25 - People Are Alike ..

urprised to find that Martians are human-looking, very friendly and ..

S1E24 - Long Live Walter ..

Walter Jameson is an excellent history teacher who talks about the p..

S1E23 - A World Of Differ..

Businessman Arthur Curtis discovers that life as he knows it doesn't..

S1E22 - The Monsters Are ..

Paranoia strikes the residents of Maple Street when they believe hum..

S1E21 - Mirror Image

Millicent Barnes sees her double at a bus terminal.

S1E20 - Elegy

Three astronauts land on what looks like Earth 200 years before they..

S1E19 - The Purple Testam..

Lt. Fitzgerald has found his own special wartime hell. Looking into ..

S1E18 - The Last Flight

A World War I flying ace flies through a mysterious cloud - and land..

S1E17 - The Fever

Tight fisted Franklin Gibbs is not pleased when his wife wins a trip..

S1E16 - The Hitch-Hiker

Alone on a cross-country trip, a woman continually sees the same hit..

S1E15 - An Arrow Into The..

Three astronauts crash on what they believe to be an asteroid. Unfor..

S1E14 - Third From The Sun

With all-out nuclear war about to ignite, a scientist and his pilot ..

S1E13 - The Four of Us Ar..

A man who can change his face to resemble others gets into hot water..

S1E12 - What You Need

A two-bit thug thinks he's found the key to a better life in an old ..

S1E11 - And When the Sky ..

Three astronauts have returned from this first space flight. Major G..

S1E10 - Judgment Night

In 1942, a German wonders why he's on the deck of a British steamshi..

S1E9 - Perchance To Dream

A man is terrified of falling asleep for fear he might die.

S1E8 - Time Enough At Last

A bank teller, Henry Bemis, longs for time alone to read books. He g..

S1E7 - The Lonely

Corry is stranded on an asteroid after being convicted of a crime. H..

S1E6 - Escape Clause

A hypochondriac exchanges his soul for immortality and indestructibi..

S1E5 - Walking Distance

Martin Sloan, driving through the country, leaves his car and starts..

S1E4 - The Sixteen-Millim..

An aging, former movie star lives and dreams in the past, constantly..

S1E3 - Mr. Denton on Doom..

A has-been, drunk gunslinger finds his fast-draw abilities magically..

S1E2 - One for the Angels

A street salesman cleverly eludes Death. But if he lives, a little g..

S1E1 - Where is Everybody?

Mike Ferris finds himself in a town strangely devoid of people. But ..

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