The Real Housewives Of New Jersey


Another installment of Bravo's "The Real Housewives" reality show. In this series, they focus on housewives living in New Jersey.
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S9E2 - Easter Wives Hunt

Dolores hosts a hatchet-throwing party, giving the ladies a chance t..

S9E1 -Wives and Misdemean..

With less than a year left in Joe's prison sentence, Teresa comes in..

S8E16 - Secrets Revealed

A Gorga/Giudice Easter celebration gets out of control; Margaret and..

S8E15 - Reunion Part 2

Teresa accuses Kim D of being a madame; Danielle and Dolores face of..

S8E14 - Reunion Part 1

The ladies of Jersey come back together to hash out their difference..

S8E13 - PrisonsProposals ..

Teresa visits her husband in prison; Dolores receives advice from he..

S8E11 -Fauxpology

Still in Milan, Margaret tries to mend her friendship with Siggy; Ma..

S8E10 -Meltdown in Milan

Trying to fix their fractured friendships, the women take a trip to ..

S8E9 - When Chairs Fly

Teresa, Melissa, Margaret, and Danielle square off with Dolores, Sig..

S8E8 -Walking on Broken G..

While at Siggy's retreat, Margaret opens up about her relationship w..

S8E7 - A Retreat to Remem..

As Teresa and Dolores try to repair their fragile friendship, Dolore..

S8E6 - Growing Up Jersey

Teresa takes her daughters and her father on vacation to Puerto Rico..

S8E5 - Not Over It

As Dolores begins to get serious with her new boyfriend David, Siggy..

S8E4 - The Public Shaming..

As the restaurant opening approaches, tensions mount between Melissa..

S8E3 - The Apology

Margaret throws a launch party for her purse line, but Siggy and Dol..

S8E2 - Let Them Eat Cake

After an explosive fight, Siggy and Dolores align themselves against..

S8E1 - Shaddy Beach

Teresa struggles with the loss of her mother, and her friends plan a..

S7E17 - Reunion

The women relive the wildest moments from a roller-coaster season; M..

S7E16 - And Then There We..

Melissa hosts her first fashion show in a bid to prove her boutique'..

S7E15 - Nama'Stay Away F..

Tempers flare during Dolores' housewarming party; Melissa delegates ..

S7E9 - Driving Miss Siggy

Unexpected visitors arrive for Teresa's book signing. Meanwhile, Mel..

S7E8 - All Bets Are Off

Melissa prepares her daughter for a dance. In addition, Jacqueline p..

S7E6 - Swimming With the..

Teresa says goodbye to her ankle bracelet, and the women plan a trip..

S7E5 - Dinner Interrupted

The honeymoon is over when the Lauritas host the Giudices for dinner..

S7E4 - A Life to Envy

Melissa's boutique opens, Teresa records her audio book, Jacqueline ..

S7E3 - Leopard Is the New..

Jacqueline surprises Teresa by showing up on her doorstep wanting an..

S7E2 - A Very Hairy Chris..

Melissa hosts a Christmas Eve dinner, during which she reunites with..


No description

S6E19 - Secrets RevealedP..

Dina gathers everyone for some spiritual guidance, but Teresa gets m..


No description

S6E17 - Reunion Part Two

Joe Giudice joins his wife to talk about his father's death, his pri..

S6E16 - Reunion Part One

The housewives dish on the dramatic events that unfolded during the ..

S6E15 - Secrets Revealed ..

During a trip to Atlantic City, N.J., the women unveil secrets, skim..

S6E14 - Judgement Day

Tensions threaten to derail Dina's charity event; Teresa and Joe lea..

S6E13 - SorryNot Sorry

Teresa and Rino plan a tasting party; Dina tries to persuade Teresa ..

S6E12 - Pack Your Bags an..

The shocking rumor about the twins' family is revealed; Teresa and J..

S6E11 - Gators and Haters

Tension continues to build during the Florida trip; Teresa doesn't k..

S6E10 - The Day of Jacque..

Jacqueline returns; Amber awaits news about the possible recurrence ..

S6E9 - There Will Be Bloo..

Dina says goodbye to her long-time assistant, Luke; Teresa and her h..

S6E8 - Guilt Trip

Dina and Melissa plan a surprise getaway to cheer their friend up.

S6E7 - Roses Are RedDina ..

The ladies celebrate Valentine's Day. Here, Dina contemplates her di..

S6E6 - The Family Business

Two couples attempt to expand their businesses. Also: Nicole sets ou..

S6E5 - One Flew Over the ..

Anger mounts as a "first responders" party concludes. Also: Nicole d..

S6E4 - A Hairy Situation

Nicole and her boyfriend throw a costume party; Nicole confronts Amb..

S6E3 - Trash-Talking

Teresa invites friends and family to taste her new recipes for Fabil..

S6E2 - OhChristmas Tre

Melissa tries to keep traditions alive; Dina feels lonely; Amber bec..

S6E1 - What a Difference ..

Teresa and her husband struggle to keep their family together as the..

S5E22 - The Real Housewiv..

Never-before-seen footage from the season.

S5E21 - The Real Housewiv..

Never-before-seen footage from the season.

S5E20 - Reunion: Part 2

Teresa and Joe speak about the charges they're faced with; Rosie sha..

S5E19 - Reunion: Part 1

The season's most talked-about moments; Joe Guidice, Joe Gorga and K..

S5E18 - SalonFarewell

Someone new gets involved in a confrontation; Teresa tries to clear ..

S5E17 - Hair We Go Again

Caroline's boys open their new restaurant; Melissa goes to Orlando f..

S5E16 - The Blonde Drops ..

Jacqueline faces her fear of public speaking. Meanwhile, Caroline co..

S5E15 - Zen Things I Hate..

A getaway in the Arizona desert winds down with Teresa and Melissa f..

S5E14 - Horse Whisper to ..

Unorthodox therapy opens old wounds and leaves Caroline in tears; Me..

S5E13 - Spaghetti Western..

The ladies go to Arizona to celebrate Melissa's birthday; Jacqueline..

S5E12 - Hair-Binger of Doom

An article about Melissa's marriage causes problems; Jacqueline retu..

S5E11 - Children of the S..

Adult relationships begin to mend, but a fragile reconciliation is t..

S5E10 - Best Frenemies Fo..

A reluctant Teresa and Jacqueline have a meeting, but things quickly..

S5E9 - On Thin Guid-Ice

Teresa, her brother and their spouses see a relationship expert; Car..

S5E8 - Scum OneScum All

Teresa's husband and brother fight; Caroline tries to keep the famil..

S5E7 - When Joes Collide

The ladies head to Lake George; Teresa prepares to confront Jacqueli..

S5E6 - Drinking With the ..

Rumors surface about Melissa; Teresa and Rosie plan a healing retreat.

S5E5 - Everything Is Comi..

Joe and Melissa argue over accusations made by Teresa; Jacqueline de..

S5E4 - Gym Rats

Teresa loses it after running into her brother; Kathy throws a joint..

S5E3 - It's My Party and ..

Teresa's father is admitted to the ICU; Caroline returns to her mans..

S5E2 - A Manzo of Her Word

Melissa is motivated to sell her house and move away from her sister..

S5E1 - Garden State of Em..

The wives' vacation homes are in ruins after Hurricane Sandy; Jacque..

S4E24 - Lost Footage

Host Andy Cohen presents previously unseen footage of the Garden Sta..

S4E23 - Reunion Part 3

The husbands jump in, in the third part of the reunion

S4E21 - Reunion Part 1

Part 1 of 3. Andy Cohen hosts a reunion edition featuring the Garden..

S4E20 - Strip Down Memory..

In the conclusion of the two-part Season 4 finale, Melissa faces her..

S4E19 - A Bald Canary Sings

Kathy tries to make a sweet business deal. It's time for Kim D's ann..

S4E18 - Dinasty of Denial

The Gorgas left Napa early to show their support of Teresa, but now ..

S4E17 - Hot Tub of Sour G..

Tempers flare when Caroline overhears a conversation between Teresa ..

S4E16 - Whine Country

The housewives go to Napa for a business meeting with a local vineya..

S4E15 - If This RV is a R..

The Housewives decide to take on California's supreme surfing waves...

S4E14 - Pack Your Baggage

When a hurricane swoops in on New Jersey, the housewives flee to sun..

S4E13 - Sit Down and Man Up

While Teresa is concocting the latest product in her growing busines..

S4E12 - The Jersey Side S..

All the world's a stage for the New Jersey gang, as Melissa hones he..


Melissa oversees an overblown birthday bash for her daughter, but it..

S4E10 - Temporary Shrinkage

Kathy plays matchmaker for her sister. Elsewhere, Teresa and her bro..

S4E9 - Public Display of ..

Teresa sets out to make amends, but her true motives are questioned...

S4E8 - Best Friends for N..

Jacqueline has a weighty discussion with her ex-husband about their ..

S4E7 - True LoveTrue Lies

Caroline and Teresa clash just hours before a Manzo family wedding. ..

S4E6 - Uncivil Union

The Manzo family throw a celebratory bash when Caroline's brother an..

S4E5 - Spoiled Sports

A stunning ultimatum is issued when the discussion turns to Teresa's..

S4E4 - Drowning Pool

Caroline celebrates her wedding anniversary. Elsewhere, Jacqueline s..

S4E3 - Third Eye Blind

The Garden State ladies take a journey down the coast of New Jersey,..

S4E2 - Poker Face

An episode featuring social-media content .

S4E1 - The Real Housewive..

The Season 4 opener sharpens focus on Jacqueline's absence at the Se..

S3E21 - ReunionPart 1

Part 1 of 2. The Garden State ladies reunite to hash out the dramas ..

S3E20 - Everything Is Com..

Joe and Melissa argue over accusations made by Teresa; Jacqueline de..

S3E19 - Portrait of an It..

Melissa must face the music when her singing is spotlighted. Meanwhi..

S3E18 - Blood is Thicker ..

The wives continue their vacation in Punta Cana, but they discover t..

S3E17 - Get to the Punta!

The Garden State ladies embark on a paradise getaway to Punta Cana i..

S3E16 - Singing in the Pain

The wives are up and running when they participate in a charity race..

S3E15 - Black as Ink

Caroline's pride spills over when her two sons set out to launch the..

S3E14 - Belly Up & Up

Verbal warfare and an agonizing decision lowlight Jacqueline's relat..

S3E13 - Child's Play No M..

Teresa's children have a play date with Melissa's children, yet the ..

S3E12 - Auld Lang Syne fo..

The wives get set to ring in the new year by trying fresh approaches..

S3E11 - A Very Jersey Chr..

It's Christmas morning and housewives are stirring. Caroline receive..

S3E10 - There Arose Such ..

The holiday season turns frosty when the Manzos tangle with Kim G. M..

S3E9 - Twas the Fight Bef..

The Jersey girls jingle all the way during Christmas, but it's much ..

S3E8 - Holidazed and Conf..

The holiday season looms in the Garden State, but it's not so merry ..

S3E7 - Teresa's Got a Gun

Teresa and Melissa attempt to make peace, after which some of the ga..

S3E6 - Whine and Dine

Caroline takes to the airwaves with her new radio show. Meanwhile, t..

S3E5 - Stick It

Teresa encounters her brother for the first time since the tumultuou..

S3E4 - Gobblefellas

The wives' Thanksgiving is stuffed with drama, resentment and regret..

S3E3 - Sealed with a Diss

Jacqueline confronts the past; Caroline's boys leave the nest; Teres..

S3E2 - Drop Dead Gorgas

Tricks, treats, and tension rule the day when Halloween plays backdr..

S3E1 - In the Name of the..

Melissa and Kathy prepare for a family christening; Jacqueline's lun..

S2E18 - ReunionPart 2

The conclusion of a reunion featuring the regrouped Jersey girls rec..

S2E17 - ReunionPart 1

Part 1 of a two-part reunion edition features reassembled Jersey gir..

S2E16 - The Heads of Fami..

The wives are determined to drive Danielle from their lives; Carolin..

S2E15 - Hills Are Alive W..

The gang's sojourn in Italy continues, with Teresa and Joe serving a..

S2E14 - The Chanels of Ve..

Teresa, Caroline and Jacqueline set sail on a cruise to Italy with t..

S2E13 - Don't Drink the H..

Dina stops by to celebrate with the ladies for the christening of Te..

S2E12 - Youth Will Be Ser..

It's Teresa and Joe's 10th anniversary, and they go all out to comme..

S2E11 - Staub Wounds

Danielle seeks her day in court in the wake of a hair-raising (and h..

S2E10 - Country Clubbed

They're ready to rumble: A crude feud involving Teresa, Jacqueline a..

S2E9 - Posche Spite

Caroline has lunch with two of her sisters (not seen before on the s..

S2E7 - Play At Your Own R..

Danielle, feeling empowered after standing up to the Manzo clan, dec..

S2E6 - It's Not MeIt's You

A battle breaks out on Facebook; Jacqueline and Teresa confront Ashl..

S2E5 - Into the Lion's Den

Teresa and Joe welcome home their baby, Audriana. Although ecstatic,..

S2E4 - BabiesBubbles and ..

Teresa and Joe welcome their new baby; Chris gets a look into his dr..

S2E3 - Catty-Walk

Dina makes a date with a Zen expert; Teresa and Danielle are determi..

S2E2 - Generation Vexed

Jacqueline and Ashley butt heads. Teresa and Danielle's daughters ar..

S1E6 - Finale

Snack stashes, stuffed animals, and unreal showdowns.

S1E5 - Casinos and C-Cups

Dina, Caroline and Teresa journey to Atlantic City for the weekend, ..

S1E4 - Black & White and ..

Dramas center on Danielle when her fellow Jersey girls congregate to..

S1E3 - Not One Of Us

For the New Jersey housewives, being fabulous is all about being a g..

S1E2 - Mamas Knows Best

Dramas center on the children of the Garden State wives: Jacqueline ..

S1E1 - Thicker Than Water

The worlds of five indulged ladies from the Garden State are tracked..

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